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A sacred time dedicated to your healing

Counselors and therapists at Inner Peace Psychological Services and Integrative Wellness Center partner with you to create the most effective and individualized treatment approach, to facilitate your optimal well- being. Counselors integrate evidence- based counseling, modalities, as well as other integrative and holistic approaches, to customize your treatment approach.  We honor the belief that healing does not only occur on an emotional or biological level, but holistically in mind, body, and spirit.  Each counseling session is time- dedicated to your healing in a compassionate, nonjudgmental, and confidential environment.

Types of Counseling Sessions:

  • Mindfulness based counseling
  • Animal assisted counseling
  • Psychotherapy with EMDR
  • Individual
  • Couples
  • Family


Counseling, for children ages 3-9, is the process of integrating play therapy with parent psycho-education, and may include family counseling sessions.


Adolescents may participate in the individual counseling process. It may be beneficial, however, for parents or other family members to be included in some of the sessions, at different stages in the counseling process.


Each counseling session is confidential, unless the following circumstances exist:

  1. Child abuse
  2. Elder abuse
  3. A court subpoena is served
  4. The client reports a plan to cause harm to himself or herself or another individual

Please be informed that your insurance company has access to your diagnosis.